Weirdest Glitch You’ve Ever Come Across?

If you have a screenshot or a video of that glitch, you can also submit it for the rest of us to enjoy teh lulz.

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  1. goatfury answered: F:NV before any patches
  2. krystakills answered: Not weirdest, but worst, Veronica with the Brotherhood of Steel, there goes my companion!
  3. rainwhisker answered: Often when I kill things, they fly off into the horizon. Like Team Rocket, but more drug addicted.
  4. fem-wolf answered: I was talking to one of the women in Moriarity’s and she was like “What are you looking at?” and her head literally turned upiside down.
  5. icecreammikey answered: i once had a glitched where a dealthclaw would shoot straight up in the air. and then it did it again 5 more time
  6. treacherousthoughts answered: 3 mole rats. 3 dogs. old lady gipson. all randomly appearing and dying in front of me.
  7. pierogi answered: Entered Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging, character’s body turned to silly putty and head rolled away. LOL
  8. cautionzombie answered: I once shot at a raider while in V.A.T.S. and missed, but shortly after, she flew straight up in the air and died when she hit the ground.
  9. yoshiking answered: Shot a dart gun at a deathclaw chasing a water beggar and he flies into the air and never falls back down.
  10. dellponagher answered: Once, after finishing the base game, every single super mutant in the game became friendly, Behemoths included.
  11. milkshakespear3 answered: While I was in the water, the whole screen tuned green then when i got out of the water the game was fine.
  12. strategicnuclearmooseh0h0 answered: deathclaw flying 200 feet into thei air, thenf alls down and dies. wtf?
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